Finding Your Why


Why is that crucial? How do you do it?
To find your why we need to understand what fitness and wellbeing means to us.

Most of us resort to exercise only when in dire need of it. Say when you put on weight, or when you need to fit into a dress, or when health problems arise. Have you ever thought of why this? Why do we wait for lives to take a turn to point where we "must" do something about it? 

We go to work every day, we go to school every day, we shower, we sleep, we eat, without questions we carry on essential tasks but we do not stop to think of our wellbeing. How and what are we doing to contribute to the wellbeing of our existence? All the stress from life, how are we managing it?

We are achieving life goals, work goals, personal life goals, yet when we sit with our thoughts it always feels like there is something lacking. 

What if I told you that what you seek for is within you? It is called Self-Actualisation. 

Human beings are complex creatures, we have emotions and are often led by it. Therefore anything that makes us uncomfortable we tend to shy away from it without understanding it fully. Human beings are designed to move, not to stay stagnant. Our bodies decay as we age, and without movement it decays faster.

For some people their "WHY" is to lose 10 pounds, and that is fine, but your wellbeing runs deeper than just pounds, weight on a scale or how you fit into clothes or what you look like in the mirror.

How do you feel today? Did you know that how we feel and think of ourselves translates into other segments of our lives. Imagine doing something that is outside of your comfort zone, like going for a run today, or for a 5 kilometer walk at the park, and then imagine how you will feel once you accomplish that on a single isolated day, and then imagine that rush of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine release from that feeling of accomplishment, and just moving your body for an hour a day. Now imagine feeling that every day. That should be YOUR WHY. FEELING GOOD.

Weightloss, fatloss, all of those other things are a by-product of building consistent habits.
Find what works for you, and then continue it. Include your friends, your family, surround yourself with people and inspire others to find their WHY through you.

No better feeling in the world that I can tell you with full confidence.

After you go log off today, I want you to think about your WHY.

Go get it! We got this!