Finding Your Why

Why is that crucial? How do you do it? To find your why we need to understand what fitness and wellbeing means to us. Most of us resort to exercise only when in dire need of it. Say when you put on weight, or when you need to fit into a dress, or when health problems arise. Have you ever thought of why this? Why do we wait for lives to take a turn to point where we "must" do something about it?  (read more...)

6 Mental Health Checkpoints

Am I Feeling Okay? - To assess how you're feeling, take a moment to check in with your emotions. Are you experiencing stress, sadness, anxiety, or other emotions? Your emotional well-being is a significant aspect of your overall health. (read more ...)

5 Tips to Starting Your Fitness Journey!

Starting your fitness journey can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Here are five tips to help you begin your fitness journey effectively and sustainably: 1. Set Clear and Realistic Goals:    - Define specific and achievable fitness goals. Whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, improving endurance, or enhancing overall health, having clear objectives will help you stay motivated. (read more...)

Why should Women Strength Train?

Strength training offers a wide range of benefits for women, just as it does for men. Here are some compelling reasons why women should consider incorporating strength training into their fitness routines: 1. Increased muscle strength: Strength training helps women build and maintain muscle mass, which can enhance overall physical strength. This can be especially beneficial for daily activities and may help reduce the risk of injury. (read more...)